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Do you know the customers need what kind of partner

times   2015-09-02

          July 20, 2015 received the first email from the custom, the customer need is a wild bird feeders. He is very friendly, so we added the sype as friends. Through chat on skype,i know that the customer sell products on Amazon.com, and it’s the first time to purchase from oversea.He asked me weather the custom stickers was available? Of course, we can customize the sticker, and we can print logo on the wild bird feeders as well.. So we asked him for the drawing of the sticker. The customer told me he cannot provide it.

Iron large garden bird house feeders

          Then he sent some logos, and some text. I put these information to our artists, artists quickly put these combine to make a new document to me. I sent the document, and the customer was very excited and happy.Then I asked him the sticker size. Customer said I believe you, you can decide it. Then, sent him the PI, we got the payment 3th,August.

          Now that you know the customers need what kind of partner? They just need professional and convenient partner. And Hongtianli is so professional, convenient wild bird feeders supplier.