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9-7How to become a good salesman

times   2015-09-07

          The first orders for just entering the sales salesman job is very important, help enhance the self-confidence and experience, forming a actual combat marketing methods. How to get the first order, I think the need to seize the following points.

                                  First, learn

          1.Diligent learning business of theoretical knowledge;

          2.Learning to other employees; learn from their experiences;

          3.Humbly ask your supervisor, take the initiative to report to work to identify and compensate for their own deficiencies;

          4.Learn to work in business and in summary.

                            Second, work hard

Outdoor anti squirrel bird feeders

          1.The basic business knowledge to master, have to work hard;

          2.Observe the working methods of of colleagues, learn from their experiences and into practical use;

          3.Sum up experiences and lessons of success and failure, continuous improvement of working methods;

          4.To understand there are humble in victory, defeat is not hungry spirit, to adhere to.

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