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RFQ brought orders

times   2015-09-07

          This is a UK customer.

          The first communication with the customer was by RFQ.

          At that time, I didn’t think it will bring an order.

          At the first time I quote a price to the customer casually,it’s about wild bird feeders.

          A week later, I received a feedback from her.

          She put forward some requirements about the products, including packaging, freight,and delivery time.And I also replied to her soon, she was very satisfied with our products.

Iron large garden bird house feeders

          But she has a little problem in shipping, after my explanation, she was also happy to accept it.

          Soon, she confirmed the order, and then we reached the first deal.

          After 4 months, she had 4 consecutive order later which helps building up

a good foundation for future development on both side.

           Hongtianli,a professional wild bird feeders supplier.